Built-In Functions

Functions Already Built into Your Site

With a wide range of built-in modules, you're provided with a variety of ways to customize your website to implement the functionality you need for your business, without the need for plug-ins or complicated server-side coding.

Point & Click Menu Building

Keep your menus consistent and simple with our point and click approach. Just add your menu items and insert the module inside a page or template. Every time you add a new item, it’s instantly visible on the website.

Photo Galleries

Easily create unique photo galleries by uploading your images into  your “gallery” folder, and then simply insert the module on a page – complete with interactive lightbox effects and intuitive navigation.

Ad Rotators to Sell Advertising Space

With the ad rotators module you can rotate advertisements on your website then track impressions and click-throughs to measure ROI.

Promote and Manage Your Events

Create and mange your events through the event bookings module. Collecting bookings for a class, performance, or other event are made simple. Once your event is created, you can receive the sign-up forms for customers who’ve reserved their spots , payments if the event requires it, and can also set capacity limits and automate follow-up emails prior to the actual event date.


Centrally manage your most frequently asked question in on place by organizing them into categories based on question type, if desired.  

Secure Login Zones

Have a private login area for certain pages that you wish to have restricted permission on.    

Be Social with Blogs

Let your community know everything new that is going on with a blog built in to your website. With comment features and social media integration, being in touch with your customer base is easy and authentic.    

News Updates

Create and run announcements, then schedule when you want them to go live on your site. This is a great built-in feature that allows you to stream your most important updates front in center for everyone to see. Link each story to a page for all the detailed information.  

Get Valuable Feedback with Forums and Discussions

Empower your customers to give you the feedback you desire. Moderate and organize posts and forums by pinning specific threads to the top.   

Made Files Downloadable without FTP

Life Page Cafe's Adobe Platform makes it easy for you to offer easy to download files to your customers - with out involving a tricky FTP system.