Email Marketing

No Need for a Separate E-mail Marketing System

Why use use email marketing? Email marketing is a powerful tool for you to effectively and personally reach your customers and bring them to your online business.

The Real Deal on Email Marketing

Having a powerful, user friendly solution for the delivery of your personalized emails is essential to a strong email marketing campaign. As a business owner, you want your email marketing interface to be  extremely simple to use, but still is loaded with advanced completely customizable features. We make email marketing easy with simple to use tools that enable you to create and send out email campaigns, manage subscribers and view reports on each campaign's success.

Reach Everybody on Your List

With the ability to create an unlimited number of campaigns and send as many newsletters as you like, there's never any reason miss someone on your list. But this doesn't mean we condone spam. Seriously, no one likes spam. By targeting specific customers based on what you already know about them, you can send more effective and personalized emails that will deliver higher Click Through Rates.

Automated and Unique Sales Responses

You're probably used to sending once-off campaigns and newsletters - but now you can do so much more. You can automate sales responses by creating a pre-written series of emails that are sent to a customer after they subscribe in any sequence, time and pace you like. Even more, you canset the system to send customers an email on their birthday or another special day, unique to their personal information.

What Every Effective Email Marketing Campaign Needs to Have

  • A subject line that entices recipients to open it.
  • Integrating social media share buttons.
  • First name basis for greeting each recipient.
  • Day of the week and time of day suggestions for highest click through rates.
  • Amount of e-mails sent so subscribers stay subscribed.
  • Responsive e-mail templates for recipients on laptop mobile and tablet devices.
  • Tracking and Testing your e-mail metrics for overall effectiveness.

Email Newsletter Templates - Just Add Content

With hundred of usable and professional templates, you can choose what one best represents your business, add your content, choose a recipient list and you're good to go. Our simple wizard takes you through the process and makes it completely pain free.