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Great Resource: Content Creation vs. Content Sharing: What Should Your Business Post Online? [Infographic]

LPC Admin - Friday, April 03, 2015

The success of your online marketing depends largely on one thing: content.
Content is complicated. There are times when you should create content and there are times when you should share content. Knowing some best practices for each can help improve your chances of online success. [Source:]

Here are some tips: 

Posts centered around what your business offers — think promotions and/or daily deals — should be created, according to today’s featured infographic from the marketing agency Rebuild Nation. This type of content is “me-centric” and designed to draw in leads and make sales.

Your business’s website and blog are two properties you should focus on creating content for.

Informative posts focused on starting a conversation, should be shared. These pieces are often trending stories from third-party sites. What matters here is whether or not the story is relevant to your brand. If it is, it’s a good idea to share it with your audience.

Readers, how do you find a balance between the content you share and creating your own content? We’d love for you to give us insight into your own content strategy in the comment section below.

Content Creation vs Content Sharing
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