Site Updates and Outbound Marketing

Keep Your Site Fresh

Good for Your Site. Good for Google. Good for Your Business

By keeping your site fresh and up to date with everything that is going on within your busy business, both your customers and Google will be happy about it.

Monthly Specials

One reason a monthly special is special is because it's only available for a month! So, you've got to let your customers know about it the second it becomes available. With easy to use methods to share and update your specials, all your customers will be in the know the moment the special goes up. 

Email Newsletters and Email Marketing

Email marketing is a leading way to connect with your customers to let them know exactly what is going on. With Live Page Cafe's Adobe Platform you'll be able to create an unlimited amount of email newsletters to target specific customers. Also, you'll be able to construct monthly Email Marketing campaigns that will let all your customers know about your new specials of the month or an event you're throwing.  

Blog Posts

Build and engage your community with an endless supply of blogs. You'll be able to create blogs for all of your business needs. Easy to update with a plethora of functions available, each blog post will be both professional and unique.

Page Updates

Your business isn't static, and your page shouldn't be either. With easy page updates never let your customers be out of the loop when it comes to specials, new products or news.

Website Enhancements

Just like your growing business, your website should be growing, too. By adding new sections to your website, your online business will reflect your actual business.