Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Getting Social Online

Has your company yet to create its social media online presence? Or maybe you’ve created accounts but haven’t updated them for over a month ago. We get it, social media can get crazy. There’s a fine line between too much and too little, and with a new social media platform popping up every week it’s hard to know where your customers are “hanging out”.

Community Management Services

Our social media consultant will work with you to define what you need to do to nurture and grow your community. With our community management services we aim to enhance your brand, increase customer engagement and retention, and drive uptake of your social media campaigns all while making sure to stay authentic to your unique brand's voice.

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We’re here to make it simple for you. Our Social Media Services are designed to integrate with your other online and offline marketing strategies. Here’s a breakdown of “The Big 4 Social Media Sites” that you should be on in order grow your online presence quickly and authentically.


Think of Facebook as a personal representative of your business that loves to share their wisdom, listen to other’s problems, and never sleep—ever. Facebook is a place where customers will seek out information when they have a question about your business, and a place where they will browse to simply find out more about who you are. This makes having an engaging and personalized Facebook page an essential part of a strong social media strategy. Through Facebook you will be able to connect with your customer, and find out more about who they are, which will help you better serve them (a win-win situation!). When done correctly you can grow your Facebook community into a long list of lifelong friends and lifelong customers.

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Twitter is a “microblogging” platform that can only be used to send tweets in 140 characters or less. Delivering short, to the point and clickable tweets is essential to building a strong Twitter community. Twitter’s ever-changing and in-the-moment news feed makes it a critical place to engage with current and future customers. And through strategically and authentically re-tweeting, following and replying to those who engage with you, you will see your brand’s Twitter presence grow.  


Google+ is not a Social Media platform that should be overlooked! Increasing in popularity, Google+ is quickly becoming an important part of both your Social Media and your Search Engine Optimization strategies. With the number of users surpassing that of Twitter, according to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has an overwhelming wealth of opportunity for  your business and yourself as a business owner to utilize and grow your influential group of circles and engage authentically with your customer base. 


These days, people expect any kind of professional business to be on LinkedIn, and especially if you are a B2B company it is important that your presence of LinkedIn is strong. Like all Social Media platforms, you must  connect, engage and contribute to the niche that your business fills in order to grow your presence. An important and unique factor of LinkedIn is that more people and businesses are finding future employment/employees strictly on LinkedIn. Without a strong business profile that perfect candidate may choose to apply somewhere else—somewhere like your greatest competitor!